Buddhist Studies program in State School

(As part of “Religious Instruction in school hours / Religious Education hours)

The government allows the teaching of Buddhism during “Religious instruction in school hours (RI) / religious studies (RE)”.

To start with, parents need to give their consent to the school by indicating “Buddhist studies” in the school RI /RE consent form. The school can then seek teachers from “Buddhist Education Service s for Schools Inc” (BESS).

“Buddhist Studies” is offered free  and will be conducted in English, usually 30 minutes per week . Classes will run during RI/ RE period. Children do not have to be or become Buddhists to benefit from this “Buddhist Studies program”.

The curriculum includes modules on the life of the Buddha and his foundation teachings. Simple meditation instructions at a level suitable for children will also be given. The methodology will be in keeping with contemporary educational thought and practice, involving the children and encouraging co-operation and enjoyment in learning.

The program is to teach universal and moral values, to enhance children ability to better relate well to others, to develop their minds and life skills, so that they have a good chance of leading a meaningful, secure, happy and successful life.

Students will also learn to appreciate and understand various Buddhist cultures around the world and hence promote a more harmonious and caring community.

Teachers of Buddhist Studies are volunteers, usually provided by various Buddhist centres and temples. BESS coordinates their work and education contents, so students can learn Buddhism at a level appropriate to their age.

If you need more information, you are welcome to contact either of the followings:

Mr Tanuja (Tan) Sarath-Chandra 07- 3278-9021
Mrs Ong Kwee Choo 07- 3870-5756

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

BESS website: www.bessqld.com